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Far ahead the road has gone

and I must follow if I can

Polo Molo
11 September 1987
the basics

I spend most of my time with either cats on my feet or rats on my shoulders. Ferret is also prone to making appearances, generally trying to eat my toes. I live in the southwest of England. I was born here; it's kind of boring but very pretty. I'm in love with Canada and well-written female characters. Hell, they don't need to be well-written, since I'm a participant of the Supernatural fandom and am used to this.

I am a feminist, a philosopher, and a linguist. I have a first class joint honours degree in two of these things. Despite my degree I'm working in a shop. It's alright but one day I will rule the world be in publishing. OH YES. And then nothing will stop me. Except a zombie uprising, or possibly the X-Men.


My fandoms are below, but at the moment my main ones are Doctor Who and Supernatural. Also starting to watch BSG for the first time. I'm in love with cult comedies such as Father Ted (the theme tune to which I can play on my ukulele), Spaced, Black Books etc. Bill Bailey and Stephen Fry are pretty much my heroes.

Also I'm a massive bookworm and watch too many films. I write a lot but rarely finish anything. Latest fixation: knitting and crocheting. I'm involved in the local Stitch 'n' Bitch and I love it.

the end

There. Should you acquire my DNA somehow, you now have enough information about me to build a successfully convincing clone. *thumbs up* Please don't add me without commenting on who you are and why you've added me, because I won't add back. Other than that I'm quite friendly. I think.

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19th century, academia, acoustic guitar, amanda palmer, angel, anna milton, anne brontë, ashes to ashes, back to the future, battlestar galactica, beer, being human, bela talbot, benton fraser, beta reading, bisexuality, black books, books, buffy the vampire slayer, callum keith rennie, canada, castiel, catherine tate, cats, charlotte brontë, crocheting, david bowie, dawn summers, dead like me, discworld, doctor who, dollhouse, donna noble, dr. horrible, due south, e.e. cummings, eddie izzard, eliza dushku, emily brontë, faith lehane, farscape, father ted, female characters, feminism, feminist philosophy, femslash, ferrets, fierce ladies, firefly, france, french, fuck you she's awesome, gender fluidity, good omens, grammar, guitars, hitchhiker's guide, hobbits, house md, hustle, jane eyre, julie mcniven, keira knightley, knitting, languages, lesbians, life on mars, linguistics, lord of the rings, mad men, merlin, misha collins, mountains, music, natalie portman, neil gaiman, no heroics, oscar wilde, owls, philosophy, playing guitar, poetry, polyglots, pride and prejudice, pushing daisies, qi, queer history, questionable content, rats, ray kowalski, reading, red dwarf, romanian, sam vimes, samwise gamgee, sarah waters, scissor sisters, serenity, sex, sexuality, shaun of the dead, sherlock holmes, slash, snakes, socialism, spaced, star trek, star wars, stardust, stephen fry, supernatural, tattoos, tea, terry pratchett, the big bang theory, the mountain goats, v for vendetta, vicar of dibley, virago press, volunteering, watchmen, withnail and i, women, women's rights, wonderfalls, writing, wuthering heights, x-men, ziggy stardust, █♥█


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